talk talk talk


This is one of the  shortest and simplest texts I’ve ever written, but the one that has taken more effort, time and dedication

getting to write this in my own words and understanding the importance of  listening and talking is gratifying

Language is an abstract eye and is the biggest stimulation to the brain, due to our language phobia  neuroscience demonstrate that this is the reason why we don’t have a neuronal route; words determine space and time, OUR language generates the time.

When we don’t talk or communicate we don’t have a PRESENT, the world of thoughts begin to develop when talking. Questions and answers is the way to produce a talk, when there aren’t questions to others there is a self-forgetfulness.

One question establish a HERE and NOW.

The brain is constantly seeking for words, words are the nourishment of the brain. So in order to constantly create neuronal connections (neuronal routes), we must have the capacity to reinvent ourselves facing another person, a spectrum, an image to unify the language, the language seeks a point of reference allowing us to be creative, and here where we generate: the attention, the closeness and the most important the understanding. Intelligence is not a matter of information.

Gracias a Alberto Montt y Andres Restrepo


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